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Welcome to Sierra Shadows Inc.  We are a small, personalized Design/ Build Outdoor Living firm that understands that a landscape should reflect the needs and personalities of the person living in it.  Our designs will incorporate your present needs and budget as well as your visions of future outdoor living.  Our installation is detailed and thorough with an artistic flare.  We believe that attention to every single detail and dedication to superior craftsmanship is the most important building block for success.

My name is Jonathan Kitchens and my personal involvement, with over 28 years of professionalism, is what separates Sierra Shadows, Inc. from all the other choices out there. My personal satisfaction guarantee is on everything that we install.  I value my clients as not only customers, but lasting relationships that lead to networking and friendships for years to come.  Therefore, I can honestly say that if your project does not exceed expectations, then I am not finished yet.  My motto is an exceptional product at a fair price.  I would like the opportunity to work with you to complete a project that more than exceeds your expectations.

At Sierra Shadows, Inc. we specialize in turning your dream outdoor living area into a reality that will last for generations to come:  Whether it be Design and Planning, Planting, Renovations, New Construction Installations, Irrigation, Decks, Pergolas, Fencing, Patios, Walls, Water Features, Benches, Screens, Custom Stonework, Landscape Lighting and everything in between.  

Design Services
Design services are at the heart of every successful project.  Not only will a well thought out and detailed plan reduce overall project costs, but it gives much less room for scheduling overlap and error.  These are the two areas where most homeowners get frustrated.  “How do I afford my project knowing that I will need to this to happen in phases?”  Design and planning allow for easy and straight forward phasing and cost allotment.  While it is always preferable, from a contractor’s perspective, to have the project all happen at once, we know that not everyone can afford to install their dream Outdoor Living Area in one lump sum.  We are very knowledgeable and savvy about setting up Phasing for ultimate completion of your project.  
A thorough Design also allows a customer to compare Apples to Apples when getting bids from different contractors.  This is very important when considering that all landscape installation companies are not created equally.  
Most Outdoor Living projects can be very daunting and overwhelming when encountering the myriad of choice out there.  Allow us to spend some time getting to know you and what your overall goal is, then we will give you concepts based on initial conversations.  Those are then narrowed down to a preliminary plan that can then have costs associated with it.  Then final plans are given before production.  
There is an upfront charge for the most initial Designs which is then rolled into contract if Sierra Shadows, Inc. installs the project.  If not, then the plans are yours to keep and use however you would like.   The fee is based upon an estimation of time spent and is communicated up front after initial meeting.
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